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The Hatching is part of a community-wide effort to support local entrepreneurs and make the Lansing region a great place to start a business. This event helps move new, local business ideas from concept to reality, and provides winners with funding, legal support, market research, office space and more.

You bring the idea, we'll help with the rest.

The Event

The Hatch

The last Wednesday of each month, 6pm to 8pm.

Lansing Brewing Company in Lansing, MI. Get Directions

To bring ideas to life in the Lansing Region. To network with entrepreneurs, starters and supporters. To cheer on the next big idea you’d like to see hatch in Lansing.

The Wednesday before the event. Submit Idea

The Wednesday before the event.

Winners must verify their participation by the end of the day Thursday before the event.


To Qualify

  • You must be located in the Lansing Region (Ingham, Eaton, and Clinton County), or be willing to relocate to one of the three Counties
  • You must still be in idea phase, no previously formed companies are allowed to present (must be an unregistered entity – cannot be a LLC, Corporation, etc.)
  • You must be legally able to reside and work in the United States


  • Ideas must be posted online no later than the Wednesday before the event by 4PM
  • Idea submissions for the following month will open again the day after the event
  • Once your idea is selected to pitch, send your digital presentation in PowerPoint format to This MUST be submitted by 11:59pm on the Sunday before The Hatching. At this point, all presentations are final and no changes can be made
  • The use of video, audio and internet in presentations is not allowed


  • You get 5 minutes to Pitch
  • There is no Q & A after the presentation
  • Judges will deliberate after all 5 presentations and pick the $1000 winner
  • One post per person per month
  • The same idea cannot be posted again in the following months
  • The Hatching reserves the right to remove any ideas/teams from the competition at any time
  • If you drops out after being selected to pitch, less than three days before The Hatching, you are not allowed to resubmit your idea. Legitimacy of reason for dropping out is up to The Hatching.


Like many great ideas, The Hatching was founded by friends over beers. They saw the potential the Lansing area had for new businesses and were interested in growing the ecosystem for local entrepreneurs. They started The Hatching with the goal of making Lansing a thriving area for startup businesses.


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Quick Pointers Before the Big Day

For the first time pitchers or even experience pitchers, it doesn't hurt to refresh on a couple points on pitching.


Come and Check Out the Event

Whether you have friends competing or just want to check out the event, come out and be a part of the Hatching Community.

  • FREE | It's completely free to attend the event.
  • 6pm - 8pm EST | Last Wednesday of Every Month
  • Lansing Brewing Company

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Hall of Fame

Hatching Winners

Creative Ideas and People

2016 Winners


Horizon: Grand Prize

Hatched|MSU University Club

An adaptive travel app that uses your Facebook profile and activities in the app to help you find your next activity, because life happens.


GoSpot: Runner Up

Hatched|MSU University Club

GoSpot is designed to repel water spots from your GoPro or action sports camera. Don't risk ruining the perfect shot with a water spot.


Orindi Ventures: Glory Vote

Hatched|MSU University Club

Orindi Ventures focuses on bringing to market a low profile and passive mask that allows the user to breathe warm air and reduce energy expenditure in the coldest of environments.



November|Created to C

An adaptive travel app that uses your Facebook profile and activities in the app to help you find your next activity, because life happens.



October|MSU Undergraduate Entrepreneurship

Self contained sports equipment with embedded cameras to eliminate human error in sports games.



September|The Fledge

R&R is an app that keeps track of what you have in your pantry by taking a picture of your grocery receipt and then gives you recipes based on what ingredients you have.


Milk Ca$$h Project

August|Foster Swift


MyCar Mobile

July|Greater Lansing Hispanic and Black C.C.

A mobile application which aims to assist people in finding parking spaces and reserving them from their device.


Friends Host


A social media service similar to Airbnb that connects frequent travelers with additional housing options.


May| Loomis Law

Bubbly is a refreshing sparkling water made with organic caffeine and natural flavor. We also give back to the community and environment!

Spiked Bean Exchange


An emerging coffee leader by infusing our brews with a touch of spirits, while offering a coffee-shop atmosphere for gathering and an exciting New York Stock Exchange-like experience.

Orindi Ventures


Orindi Ventures focuses on bringing to market a low profile and passive mask that allows the user to breathe warm air and reduce energy expenditure in the coldest of environments.




SteriDev’s first product is CleanCase, a single-use sterile case and method of transfer that safely places mobile devices in the sterile field.


February|Spartan Innovations

We deliver pre-portioned and prepped ingredients, helping you cook delicious meals in 20 minutes or less.



GoSpot is designed to repel water spots from your GoPro or action sports camera. Don't risk ruining the perfect shot with a water spot.

2015 Winners


Sweet Encounter

December| MSU Innovation Center

A boutique style gourmet bakery and cafe specializing in scrumptious, made from scratch gluten free desserts.


Let's Play

November| MSU Innovation Center

Mature humor card game with a goal to make everyone laugh without laughing yourself, if you laugh, you will be punished.

Sweet Encounter


A boutique style gourmet bakery and cafe specializing in scrumptious, made from scratch gluten free desserts.

Add Me

September | Smart Zone

An app used to share contact information and social media profiles as quickly as possible.


Remark Clothing

Fashion Hatching | Foster Swift

Our unique pieces-made from reclaim t-shirts and are an intelligent, ultra-modern design-blare the message that our generation is not satisfied with fast fashion.

Jim Nugent Instrument Works

August | Maner Costerisan

A percussion instrument craft business that makes custom and handmade products comprised of local and more sustainable natural materials.

Legacy Shave

July | Spartan Innovations

A shaving brush accessory that attaches universally to today's shaving cream/gel cans. It is the ultimate shaving experience.

Cutting The Cable


By utilizing the wireless communications of smartphones, we can create a low cost adapter to replace expensive scoring equipment for fencing.

Spray N Play

May | MSU Engineering

We believe that there is a better way to play with and display your Legos. Spray N Play is a temporary sealant that holds them together.

Scratch X

April | LEAP

This smart wristband provides a new way for OCD sufferers to conquer their compulsions using push notifications and spatial control.

Safety Sit

March | City of East Lansing

Safety Sit is a new concept to assist both patients and physicians in a hospital. The goal is to make a less strenuous way to get the patient out of bed.

Brew Export

February | Loomis Law

Brew Export is an international distribution business for craft beer brewers! Would you want a craft brew on a beach in Mexico?

Clean Case

January | Capital Area Angels

CleanCase is an exciting new concept to utilize mobile devices in surgical procedures. Surgeons can now feel confident with this sterile solution!

2014 Winners


December | Sparrow

OneSound is an exciting new app that allows everyone to be the DJ. These 4 MSU students are hard at work to make your next party even more enjoyable.

Mini Maker

November | PNC Bank

Mini Maker is an idea for a new children's play space dedicated to the builders, makers, tinkerers, and innovators of our younger generation.

Maizena 3D

October | PNC Bank

Maizena 3D stems from Lansing Maker Week and is attempting to change the way 3D printing is done using simple household products.


September | Dart Development

GAIA provides a solution that helps auditors who have specific qualifications, proven skills and competencies find assignments from their customers.

Winner's Catalog

August | M3 Group

Winner's Catalog is t-shirt company that capitalizes on the trend of wearing a shirt with picture of you wearing shirt with another picture on it.


July | Jackson National

Thughts is a web and mobile application that would allow friends to contribute towards a gift for their mutual friends.



Jurymind provides a better means of communicating with jurors. Their app enables courts to send proactive messaging to jurors via mobile notifications.


May | Spartan Innovations

StairWalker is a walker that can be used on flat ground and up and down stairs.

US STEM Solutions

April | LEAP

US Stem Solutions connects students and employees with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) careers.


March | Startup Weekend

BookBrainer sends single quiz questions to your phone every day to help you retain key points from your reading material

TheraB Medical

February | LEAP

Swaddle Mi Billi is a wearable treatment for infant jaundice that promotes maternal-infant bonding and breastfeeding during treatment.

Go Green Trikes

January | Loomis Law

Go Green Trikes is a green delivery service that uses heavy duty electric-assist trikes.

2013 Winners

What's Mapnin'

November | MSUFCU

This online retro map offers a whole new way to see what's hapnin' in town. It's a hand drawn caricature map of the landmarks, business and culture that make up Lansing.


October | MITN

Folyo is a social e-commerce platform that allows college students to sell their artwork.


Highbrau Solar Brewing

September | MSU Enet

Highbrau seeks to use solar power for brewing beer, which would make the beer tastier and the process better for the environment.



August | CommonWealth

Chaible is an and end table that converts into a chair, perfect for dorm rooms.

Poochie Bowl

July | Spartan Innovations

The Poochie Bowl is designed to keep long dog ears dry and clean and out of food and water.

Eightfold Marketing

June | LEAP

Eightfold Marketing is a multi-platform marketing and creative team, focused on advanced, artistic digital content, and strategic marketing concepts that will help business's express themselves, and improve their bottom line

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